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burn homework com Get via App Store Read this post in our app! Suicide Burn rocket problem [closed] THIS IS NOT HOMEWORK. I'm actually in Physics I atm, and am an avid player of Kerbal Space Program. I hope to do my CS masters thesis several years from now on something space related. But none of that matters. You're in a rocket, and one moment ago you were orbiting a nice moon (no atmosphere), magically all your horizontal velocity is gone and you are now falling directly towards the moon at the rate of g (which is technically a function of altitude). Your rocket magically points straight up (with the engine pointing down) for about Aspects Movies you, at some point you know you want to fire the twain mississippi, engine so you can land within some acceptable threshold so your ship doesn't explode on The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies impact killing you. Interpersonal Essay? But, you have no idea how much fuel you have, so you want to use the least amount of fuel possible, and you're smart enough to know that the longer you spend above the planet, the more fuel you're going to waste, so you want to start burning at the last second, leaving just enough time for you to get your downward velocity within that near zero margin so you don't die. This is and Bad Aspects Movies, known as a suicide burn. Problem is, the swot, moment you start burning (let's assume you either burn 100% or 0%), you immediately start increasing the time you spend above the planet, which changes when you should have started.

Let's also assume that your ship has a max thrust, which is greater than g but definitely not infinite. The Good Aspects Of Disney? So to be clear, we're looking for newfoundland confederation a time to start burning such that you land no harder than x m/s. My question is, how would I approach such a problem? I asked my physics professor this question and he said he'd think on it so I decided to ask the Internet, thanks! closed as off-topic by ACuriousMind #9830; , Kyle Oman, Kyle Kanos, yuggib, Qmechanic #9830; Jun 26 '15 at Essay about and Bad 11:38. This question appears to be off-topic. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: Homework-like questions should ask about a specific physics concept and life mississippi show some effort to work through the problem. We want our questions to Essay The Good Movies be useful to the broader community, and to future users. See our meta site for more guidance on of starbucks how to about of Disney Movies edit your question to make it better ACuriousMind, Kyle Oman, Kyle Kanos, yuggib, Qmechanic If this question can be reworded to fit the newfoundland joined, rules in the help center, please edit the question. I will will assume that you fall perfectly vertical and that the celestial body does not rotate.

If you assume that the mass of the rocket stays constant, then you can find when to start with the suicide burn using time reversal. Namely you start st the surface with your desired final velocity, $v_f$, and thrust upwards until your (specific) orbital energy matches that of your current trajectory. You can simulate this as a function of time, however in The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies this case it will be easier to mrs garner use conservation of about The Good and Bad Movies, energy, where $mu$ is the gravitational parameter of the celestial body, $R_f$ the final radius (of the surface) relative to the center of twain, mass of the celestial body, $h$ the altitude above the surface at which you have to start the Essay The Good and Bad Movies, suicide burn, $F$ the amount of thrust the rocket can provide, $m$ the mass of the rocket, $v_i$ the initial velocity of the rocket and $R_i$ the initial radius of the rocket relative to essays the center of Essay and Bad of Disney Movies, mass of the celestial body. In order to find the time, $T$, it takes to perform this burn you will have to calculate the integral, however there is no general solution for swot this, so it will have to be calculated numerically. The used $Delta v$ can be found with $Delta v = frac T$. If you do want to Essay The Good and Bad Movies take into account the variable mass of the rocket then you can also use time reversal and start at your final radius and newfoundland velocity and go back in time, until your specific orbital energy matched that of your initial trajectory. For this you will have to initially guess what your final mass will be, such that at the start of your burn your total mass is equal to $m$. There's an accepted answer; I don't quite like it, so I'll take a whack.

Suppose that the start, you don't quite know the of Disney, empty mass of the vehicle, the twain, quantity of fuel in the fuel tanks, the specific impulse, or the mass flow rate. (The empty mass of the vehicle had better be a very good estimate. Otherwise we're toast.) The space has a radar altimeter that measures range and range rate. These measurements are of course, lies. They are noisy, and they might be biased. This means we need a Kalman filter that can, over time, improve our knowledge of vehicle mass, fuel mass, mass flow rate, specific impulse, height, and velocity. This Kalman filter is the core of the spacecraft's navigation system. It only updates vehicle mass, fuel mass, mass flow rate, specific impulse when the vehicle is Essay The Good Aspects, firing its thrusters. It updates height and velocity all of the mrs garner, time. We also need a guidance system.

The optimal control in this case is a bang-bang control. The vehicle falls ballistically for a bit (engines off), and then ignites the The Good Aspects, engines. Worker? The engines then fire continuously until the Essay about and Bad of Disney, vehicle touches down at zero relative velocity. Off, on, off. Bang-bang. How to tell where that magical point in time is where the thrusters change from off to on? Simple: We need a propagator. Propagate forward in time assuming the thrusters are turned on mrs garner now, and remain on Essay The Good and Bad of Disney Movies until the vehicle hits the worker essays, ground or comes to a stop with respect to the ground. The Good Of Disney? The differential equations are easy to write: No realistic control system uses a pure optimal control.

Optimal control leaves no room for errors, and you always need room for errors. The sensors lie, the Kalman filter lies, everything lies. We need a deadband. In this case, the deadband is given by worker essays, the velocity that the about The Good and Bad Aspects Movies, vehicle and Interpersonal Communication with Benefits its contents (including the humans) can tolerate on contact with the ground. The Good Aspects? If the vehicle is firing its thrusters all the way to the ground, but the velocity at ground contact less then this limit at the point of ground contact, that's okay. If the vehicle reaches zero velocity at some point above the ground and then falls ballistically and mark twain life hits with a velocity less than this limit, that's also okay.

There are two cases where this is not okay. One case occurs when the vehicle has to Aspects of Disney Movies fire its thrusters all the way down to the ground and the velocity at ground contact is too high. That's crash and Importance of Seed Dispersal burn mode. Not good. The other case occurs when the zero relative velocity point is too far above the ground. Addressing that is simple: Don't start firing yet. Just stay in ballistic mode.

We need to temper the deadband a bit based on the uncertainties in Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects Movies the estimates of dry vehicle mass, fuel mass, mass flow rate, specific impulse, height, and velocity. When we start, we want an overly high estimate of fuel mass and overly low estimates of specific impulse and mass flow rate. This will force the guidance and control system to start firing a bit earlier than it optimally should. Of Starbucks? (Starting the burn late is Essay about, not a good option. That results in crash and burn mode.) The filter will shortly arrive at better estimates of the masses, flow rate, and life mississippi specific impulse. The guidance and control will make the vehicle (temporarily) stop firing.

Rinse and and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies repeat, but always be a bit on the conservative side. It's better to fire a bit early and waste some fuel than it is to fire late and enter crash and burn mode.

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Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies

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Nov 13, 2017 Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies, buy essay uk -

Analysis of Disney Films Essay examples - 985 Words | Bartleby

How to Write a Nursing Resume That Stands Out [Tips + Examples] Nursing is one of the Essay and Bad Aspects Movies, fastest growing jobs on mark twain life on the mississippi, the market and Essay, registered nurses are in high demand. So, why would you need to mark twain on the, worry about your resume? There are plenty of and Bad jobs to go around. You’ll snag one even if you send the most generic resume possible to of starbucks, the nearest hospital. Right? It may be easy for nurses to Essay about The Good Aspects of Disney Movies, find job openings, but it’s still a good idea to optimize your resume before applying.

See, most nurses, like you, are well qualified.Taking the twain on the mississippi, time to optimize your nursing resume gives you an edge over the competition. What have you got to lose? A professional and complete sample nursing resume. How to write technical skills and The Good and Bad Aspects, achievements in your work history. Nursing resume tips on skill ranking and keywords. Here's a sample resume for a nurse made using our resume builder. Want to save time and have your resume ready in 5 minutes? Try our resume builder . It’s fast and easy to worker essays, use. Plus, you'll get tips and right vs. Essay The Good And Bad Movies! wrong examples while writing your resume. Confederation! See +20 resume templates and create your resume here . How to Essay about The Good Aspects of Disney Movies, Format a Professional Nursing Resume.

The nursing profession operates in a fast-paced environment that values protocol and sanitation. So, it’s important that these values are evident in Interpersonal Communication with your resume. Choose a traditional format like the reverse-chronological resume format. Such a format places emphasis on your experience and about and Bad of Disney, education. Also, go with a layout that makes good use of white space and easy-to-read subheadings. Joined Confederation! And be sure to choose a classic, legible font. Unless instructed otherwise, save your resume as a PDF to preserve the layout. Essay And Bad Movies! Use your complete name and job title to name your file. Still not sure about how to Essay on The Importance of Seed, format your nursing resume? Want to see other types of resume formats? Read our guide: “ 3 Resume Formats: How To Choose The Best One [Examples]”

Consider Adding Extra Contact Information to Your Nursing Resume. Start with the usual information: Your Name An Updated Phone Number A Professional Email Address. And consider adding your license type and number. Many recruiters still receive applications from under-qualified applicants. About The Good And Bad Aspects Of Disney Movies! That’s because a surprising number of people send resumes without reading the job description. That’s why recruiters prefer seeing licensure information before reading through an swot of starbucks, entire resume. It saves them time, so they don’t have to read resumes that don’t meet the requirements. Need more examples of and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies how to put the basics on your nursing resume?

Need to brush up on swot, your resume making knowledge? Read our guide: “ How To Build A Resume: A Step-By-Step Guide (+30 Examples) ” How to about The Good Aspects Movies, Write Nursing Resume Summary or Objective. Should you write a nursing resume objective or summary statement? Are you a fresh graduate, career changer, or a nurse looking for a niche or specific role?

Then you should choose an objective for a nursing resume. Resume objectives are for applicants who don’t have a lot of mark on the mississippi on-the-job experience. Applicants with experience in the industry should use a resume summary. Pro Tip: A resume summary is also a good place to put your hours of availability. Nursing is a 24-7 job. Essay About And Bad Aspects Of Disney Movies! Adding your hours of Importance availability will help the hiring manager place you better. Especially if you’re applying for a general position instead of responding to Essay The Good and Bad Movies, a job offer. Balance Your Nursing Resume Duties With Achievements. A nurse’s experience section is Essay on The of Seed nothing like what you see on resumes for other jobs. In other professions, resumes are achievement-driven. Nurses must also include basic responsibilities to avoid getting screened out of a job.

It’s important to about The Good of Disney, make sure your professional nursing resume balances both. Nursing is newfoundland a field with a ton of subspecialties. Listing specific responsibilities allows recruiters to Essay The Good Movies, know that you have the Benefits Essay, right skills. Let’s say your job title matches the title on the job description. Even then, the workplace setting might require different technical skills and about and Bad Aspects Movies, certifications. So, when you include duties on your nursing resume, follow these steps: Once you’re done, go back and see if you can highlight any of your duties by adding an accomplishment. Want to worker, know how to Essay about and Bad, write accomplishments on a professional nursing resume? Don’t know what kind of achievements to choose? Read our guide: “ Achievements To Put On A Resume - Complete Guide (+30 Examples) ” Three Things to Add to a Nursing Resume Experience Section.

Have you ever worked in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), an newfoundland confederation, Emergency Room (ER), a Labor and Delivery Unit (LD), or a Telemetry Unit (TELE)? Be sure to include the unit type under each job in your experience section. Also, include information about the Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies, admittance of trauma patients or overflow patients from other units. That way, recruiters know the type of patients you can handle. Listing the type of unit you’ve worked in illustrates that you have a particular set of basic skills. Nurses assigned to Telemetry Units work with patients that need constant monitoring . The critical nature of some patients suggests that the environment is fast-paced . Worker! TELE Nurses can handle several patients at The Good Aspects Movies once and deal with unexpected problems. An Operating Room (OR) Nurse who assists patients and doctors during all stages of surgery. Instead of mrs garner handling several patients, an about Aspects Movies, OR nurse handles one procedure at mrs garner a time. Different facilities have different environments and daily tasks. Essay About The Good And Bad Movies! Nurses also work with different equipment.

So, a nursing home nurse is not going to on The Importance of Seed Dispersal, have the and Bad Aspects, same experience as a nurse working in an urgent care facility. Mrs Garner! Urgent care facilities are fast-paced with patients coming and going. Nursing homes have permanent residents that require long-term care. Both are demanding jobs. But the stamina, skills, and certifications are different. Let’s say you work in a facility for the elderly. You still need to add the Essay about Movies, type of facility to differentiate your skills. Let’s say you work in swot of starbucks an assisted living facility. Essay About Movies! You don’t need to provide injury or illness-specific care for patients. But nurses who work in swot of starbucks nursing homes do.

That’s why it’s important to and Bad of Disney, mention the type of facilities you’ve worked for in the past. Sample Nursing Resume Experience Sections. RN Case Manager, In-patient Pediatrics. Northwest Community Hospital, Illinois. Supervised all patient care provided by Licensed Practical Nurses, Registered Nurses, and Nurse Technicians handling a 25-bed unit. Interviewed potential nurses to ensure their experience and skills met the mississippi, demands of our unit. Managed the Aspects, unit’s revenue and joined, budget, including the allocation of funds for patient care, equipment, and staff supplies. September 2015 - Present. Care Focus - Saint Paul, MN.

Conducted initial nursing assessments of new patient admissions. Interviewed nursing applicants. Essay The Good Aspects Of Disney Movies! Handled unit record-keeping. As you can see, the first candidate added the Interpersonal Communication, unit type (In-patient Pediatrics), the Essay about The Good Aspects of Disney Movies, facility type (Community Hospital), and mark on the, the number of The Good and Bad Aspects Movies beds (25). Want to make your nursing resume experience section even better? Consider adding action words. Read our guide to find out how to use the best action words on a resume for nurses: “ +80 Examples of Resume Action Words For Every Profession ” How to Write Nursing Credentials on a Resume. Once you move on to your education and mrs garner, qualifications, things can get messy. Nurses can end up with tons of qualifications and of Disney, certifications.

That’s why putting them on a nursing resume in an orderly way can be quite an ordeal. What should go where? Should you put awards, licenses, or certifications first? Should you list them in different sections or together? You don’t want to add too many section headers. Let’s say you only newfoundland have one license. Adding a separate section for “Licenses” would be a waste of space. Good news. The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) anticipated the problem. So, they created a standardized way to list credentials. Your Education Section - Your education section should come first.

It’s okay to put it before your experience section when you’re a fresh graduate. If you have some experience, it should come after your experience section. Your highest degree should come first on Essay The Good and Bad of Disney Movies, a nursing resume because it’s a permanent qualification. List your highest degree followed by lower degrees. If you have two equal degrees, list the most relevant one first. Your Licensure - Your license can go in your education section after your degrees. You can also create a separate section titled “Licenses.”

State Designations - These are certifications that give nurses the authority to practice at twain life on the more advanced levels in specific states. Essay And Bad Of Disney Movies! Examples include Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Nurse Practitioner (NP), and Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) certifications. Your Certifications - Any certificates that you’ve received or extra training should go in this separate section. Awards and Honors: Awards and honors can come from your time at school, from twain life, professional affiliations, from nursing organizations, or from previous jobs that you’ve held. Extra Certifications - At the very end, if you still have space, you can consider including other certifications. These would include non-nursing certifications that are relevant to the job you’re targeting. It’s a good idea to organize your resume according to industry standards. Recruiters are expecting resumes organized in a particular way. Conforming means they can find everything they want fast. Want to know what else could go on a resume for nurses?

Find out Essay The Good and Bad, what should always show up on a professional resume. Read our guide: “ What To Put On A Resume To Make It Perfect [Tips Examples] ” Nursing Resume Tips for Your Education Section. Are you writing an entry-level nursing resume? If yes, your education section will include your biggest achievements to mrs garner, date - your degrees. Consider putting your education at the top of about and Bad Aspects Movies your resume after the introduction. New grad nursing resumes will be short on experience.

So, draw attention to mark on the, your education instead. Are you writing a professional nursing resume after a few years of about Aspects of Disney Movies experience? In that case, you can put your education lower on your resume after your experience section. Regardless, always start your education section by listing your highest degree first. Be sure to mrs garner, include the following information: The name of your alma mater. The dates when you entered and left school. If you’re still at school, write “in progress” as your end date and add your expected date of about and Bad Movies completion.

The degree you’ve obtained. The location of your school. Your GPA if it was 3.5 and above. There are no hard and fast rules about how to order this information. If you went to a fancy school, you might want to lead with that. But the best nursing resume samples lead with the mark twain life mississippi, type of degree - BSN or MSN for example. That’s because nursing is a profession that requires you to The Good of Disney Movies, have a degree. Recruiters will scan your resume looking for Communication Essay that particular information.

Make it easy on them. John Hopkins University School of about The Good Aspects of Disney Nursing, Baltimore Maryland. Still need nursing resume samples of how to add your degree? Want to find out what kind of extra information can go in mark twain on the an education section? Read our guide: “ How To Put Your Education On A Resume (Tips Examples) ” The Best Nursing Resume Tips for Adding License Information. When it comes to licensure, you’ve got two options.

The first is to list your licenses in your education section after you’ve listed your degrees. That works best if you have one or two licenses. Otherwise, you can create a separate section for your licenses. Let’s say you decide to Essay about The Good Aspects of Disney Movies, add your license to your education section. You can consider titling the section “ Education and Licensure ” instead of “ Education .” That way recruiters know you’ve included information about swot of starbucks, your licensure in your education section. So, whether you’re making a registered nurse resume or a licensed practical nurse resume - location is the biggest issue. Once you’ve figured that out, the hard part is over. But how do you make a license entry on your nursing resume? License Type: LPN, RN, Nurse Practitioner (NP), CRNA Licensing State or Body: The state that issued you a license.

License Name: The name you used on the licenses. License Number: You’ve already included this in your contact information, but it doesn’t hurt to The Good and Bad Aspects, add it again. Interpersonal Essay! Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC): If your license falls under the NLC, you’ll want to indicate that it does so. Having a license that falls under the NLC allows you to practice in states included in the agreement. That’s especially important for nurses applying for out-of-state jobs. License Expiration Date: The alternative is to put “Active Since” and add the Essay The Good, month and swot, year the The Good and Bad of Disney Movies, license was activated. Sample Nursing Resume License Entry: Registered Nurse (RN): License number 2263731. New York State Board Licensing, Active since January 2012. Registered Nurse: 173162.

Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing. Active until November 2017. For Compact License holders: Registered Nurse: License Number 132779, Active since 2014. Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), Maine State Board Licensing. Pro Tip: License numbers are in the public domain.

Recruiters can look up your number online via the State’s Board of Nursing website. Putting the number on your nursing resume saves recruiters time and mrs garner, energy. Show recruiters right away that you have the required licensure. That way they’ll know quicker that you’re qualified for the job. Of Disney Movies! Win, win. Add State Designations to a Professional Nursing Resume. Let’s say you have a certification to practice at advanced levels in a particular state. It’s important to put the Interpersonal with Benefits, name of that state on about Aspects Movies, your resume. You can not just put that you are an Advanced Practical Nurse (APN). That’s because each state has different criteria for subspecialties in social essays the nursing profession. Also, it may be illegal to use certain titles without permission from the state’s nursing board.

Put the name of the state after your license information to show a state designation. Let’s say your state designation matches your license. Then there’s no need to include the same information twice. Let’s say that your Registered Nursing license falls under the Nursing Licensure Compact. Then it’s best to Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies, include the State Nursing Board that granted your designation. Sample Nursing Resume Entry: Registered Nurse: License Number 224356, Active since 2008 Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), Kentucky Board of Nursing Clinical Nurse Specialist, 2012, Tennessee State Board of Nursing.

Nursing resume tips are great, but you might want to take a second to check out the tips that take any resume from average to amazing. Read our guide: “ 42 Amazing Resume Tips That You Can Use In 30 Minutes [Examples] ” Here’s How to List Certifications on a Resume for Nurses. Certifications show your ongoing improvements in the nursing profession. Twain! They also show that you have specialized skills. Accredited and nationally recognized institutions issue certifications. Examples of about The Good and Bad Aspects such institutions include the American Board of Neuroscience Nursing (ABNN) and Interpersonal Benefits, the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN). RNs are not required by law to and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies, get certifications to work in specific medical units. For example, you don’t need a Medical Surgical Nursing Certification (CMSRN) to work in operating rooms in many states.

But many hospitals are willing to pay extra. Some at least focus on candidates who have this certification. Include the following information when listing certifications on your resume: Name of the Certification and mark on the mississippi, the Acronym: For example, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Certified Occupational Health Nurse (COHN). It’s always best to write out acronyms. You should never assume the reader knows all industry jargon. At the about The Good Movies, same time, acronyms are important for twain mississippi Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. About Of Disney! Be sure to include acronyms that you find in the job description. The Certifying Organization The Certificate’s Expiration Date: You can put the date that you acquired the swot, certificate if there is it does not expire. Essay About The Good Of Disney! The Certification Number (where appropriate)

Sample nursing resume certification entries: Basic Life Support (BLS) from the Communication with Essay, American Heart Association, Current - 2018 Critical Care Registered Nurse (CCRN) certification from the Essay The Good and Bad of Disney Movies, American Association of Critical Care Nurses, Current - 2017. There are tons of nursing certifications, and it’s impossible to list them all. Joined! So, here are two sources that can give you an idea of Essay and Bad of Disney what’s available. The American Board of social worker Nursing Specialties - includes a list of organizations and the certifications they issue. The Lippincott’s Nursing Center - includes the organizations’ phone numbers and email addresses. At this point, you may start to worry about resume length. How long should a resume be?

Find out by reading our guide: “ How Long Should A Resume Be? Everything You Need To Know ” Be Sure to Include Awards and The Good and Bad Aspects Movies, Honors on Your Nursing Resume. Awards and Honors can include recognition received from school, nursing organizations, social clubs, hospitals, and other healthcare units. List the name of the award, the awarding body, and the date received. Sample Nursing Resume Award Entry: Promise of Nursing Regional Faculty Fellowship Grant, 2012 Foundation of the National Nursing Student’s Association School of Nursing Alumni Award, 2010 New York University. One other section you can consider adding is a Hobbies and worker, Interests section.

It adds personality to your resume. About And Bad Aspects Of Disney Movies! Adding personal interests works best on entry-level or new grad nursing resumes. Read our guide: “ +20 Best Examples Of Hobbies Interests To Put On A Resume (5 Tips) ” Skills for social essays a Nursing Resume - How to Find the Best Keywords. Most of the skills you list should come from the about The Good Aspects of Disney, job description. These are your keyword skills. They are also the Essay Importance of Seed, skills that recruiters try to find while scanning your resume.

But how do you know which skills are the most important? Sometimes the job description will tell you that a skill is desirable or mandatory. Essay About Aspects Movies! If not, you can try checking out other job descriptions like yours. You can also check out LinkedIn profiles of other nursing professionals. Look for repeated skills. You can assume that these are important skills for joined confederation a nursing resume. What other skills should you put on a resume for nurses? Don’t be afraid to include relevant technical skills not mentioned in the job description.

See, you can divide skills for Essay The Good a nursing resume into four categories: Basic Care Job-related Technical Skills or Specialties Administrative Skills Computer Skills. Don’t confuse computer skills with technical skills. Many hospitals are switching to electronic records. So, having computer skills can give you a leg up. Check the job description for worker specific types of about The Good and Bad Aspects billing or recording software.

If there’s no specific software or program listed, include your computer skills anyway. That way you’re ahead of the game if they’re planning to switch to digital records soon. Technical skills aren’t limited to mrs garner, those that require extra certifications. Technical skills can include anything that a person without a LPN or RN license may find hard to Essay Aspects, do. Below is social worker a list of skills for a nursing resume. About The Good And Bad Aspects Of Disney! Of course, the list isn’t exhaustive. Want more examples of skills that recruiters like to see on resumes? Not sure how to list skills for a nursing resume? We’ve got you covered. Read our guide: “ +30 Best Examples Of What Skills To Put On A Resume (Proven Tips) ”

Don’t Forget to Add Your Professional Associations. The chances are that you belong to a professional nursing association of some sort. Newfoundland! That’s because there are thousands of affiliations for nurses. Some of them are academic affiliations. Others are national organizations or groups for specific kinds of about The Good specialists. Regardless, recruiters will want to know if your affiliation with any professional associations. Especially if you’ve received awards or held important positions within the organizations. Sigma Theta Tau International, Honor Society of Interpersonal Communication with Essay Nursing (Academic) American Association of Critical Care Nurses (Specialist) Michigan Nurses Association (State-specific)

If you decide to add associations to your professional nursing resume, include the following information: The name of the organization. Essay The Good And Bad Movies! The date the worker, organization admitted you. Any offices that you’ve held. A description of your role within the about The Good of Disney, group. Pro Tip: There are different ways to on The Importance of Seed, order such information on your resume. About The Good And Bad Movies! You don’t need to list the Benefits Essay, group you joined most recently first. It’s best if you order them according to prestige - personal and perceived.

Put associations at the top if you held an Essay about Aspects Movies, office or had an twain life on the, important role. You can also lead with affiliations that have prestigious reputations in Essay and Bad of Disney Movies the industry. You’re almost finished with your professional nursing resume. But first, you need to tailor it to the job description. Don’t know how? Read our guide: “6 Proven Tips On How To Tailor Your Resume To The Job Description” How to Write a Cover Letter for a Nursing Resume. It is still necessary to write a cover letter. For a nursing resume, write a brief letter that focuses on your highest qualifications. Add a few accomplishments from your most recent job. Also, it is Essay on The Importance of Seed Dispersal worth it to find out who will read your letter so that you can address it to that person.

Writing a short, customized nursing resume might be a challenge. Of Disney Movies! But it’s possible if you do your research and use the right strategies. Here’s a recap of the strategies discussed here: Only use a resume objective if you’re a fresh graduate or are changing specializations. Include your license type and the number beside your name and contact information. Include the number of beds, the facility type, and the unit type for each job you held. List your qualifications in the correct order: education, license, state designations, certifications, and awards and Interpersonal Communication with Essay, honors. Prioritize the and Bad of Disney Movies, skills mentioned in swot the job description. About Aspects! Proofread your resume and write a personalized cover letter. Do you have any questions on how to make a nursing resume? Let us know in the comments!

Charley Mendoza is a freelance writer covering career development and business. She#039;s an expert in social essays resume writing, interviewing, and negotiating, a topic she covers in publications such as Tutsplus, Business Insider, Brazen Careerist and more.

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The Geometry of Perspective Drawing on the Computer. Andrejs Treibergs University of Utah Department of Mathematics 155 South 1400 East, Rm. 233 Salt Lake City, UTAH 84112-0090 E-mail Abstract. Essay Aspects. We present some mathematical ideas that occur in art and computer graphics.

We touch upon Interpersonal Benefits Essay, the geometry of and Bad Movies similar triangles, rigid motions in three space, perspective transformations, and projective geometry. We discuss computations behind rendering objects in perspective. We then describe vanishing points, answer how to measure distance in a receding direction in a perspective drawing and why a circle in social essays, three space becomes an ellipse when drawn in perspective. We use MAPLE generated computations and graphics to illustrate the ideas. ``I freely confess that I never had a taste for study or research either in physics or geometry except in so far as they could serve as a means of arriving at some sort of knowledge of the proximate causes. for about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney the good and convenience of life, in maintaining health, in the practice of some art. having observed that a good part of the arts is mrs garner based on geometry, among others the cutting of stone in Essay Aspects of Disney, architecture, that of sundials, and that of perspective in particular.´´ Artists now make amazing images using computers ( e.g., visit PIXAR.). But taking into account the complexity of all the physical laws of light requires extensive computation.

We'll focus on mrs garner mathematical concepts and derive the basic formulas that are at the heart of all rendering machines. We shall concentrate on the geometry of drawing objects, which can be described by points in space. We'll calculate the about The Good Movies, perspective transformations that locate the points on swot the drawing. And Bad Of Disney Movies. Then we'll use MAPLE's capability to with Essay, draw polygons and lines to show the The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney, effect of of starbucks transformation. We'll apply this to show some mathematical / artistic concepts. (This note is Aspects Movies a slightly expanded version of lecture notes [TA].) A mathematical theory of perspective drawing could only be developed when the Essay on The, Renaissance freed painters to depict nature in a way closer to what they observed [IW]. The biographer Vasari (1511-74) says that the and Bad Aspects Movies, Florentine architect Filipo Brunelleschi (1337-1446) studied Greek geometry, developed a theory of perspective and undertook painting just to apply his geometry [KM]. The first treatise, Della pittura (1435) by Leone Battista Alberti (1404-72) furnished most of the Benefits Essay, rules. Our diagram of the perspective view of the circle occurs in his text. A complete mathematical treatment De prospectiva pingendi (1478) was given by the Italian fresco painter Piero della Francesca (1410-1492).

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) incorporated geometry in his painting and wrote a now lost text on perspective Tratto della pittura. Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) also wrote a text on about Aspects of Disney Movies the practice of geometry Underweysung der Messung mid dem Zyrkel und Rychtscheyd (1525) which was important in confederation, passing on to the Essay The Good Movies, Germans the Italian knowledge of perspective drawing. In it, Dürer invented several drawing machines to teach perspective. Alberti was first to newfoundland, ask if two drawing screens are interposed between the viewer and about Movies, the object, and the object is projected onto both resulting in two different pictures of the same scene, what properties do the two pictures have in common [KM2]. Alberti's Problem: What do the two projections have in common? This question prompted the development of a new subject, projective geometry whose exponent was Girard Desargues (1591-1661). Desargues studied perspective geometry from a synthetic point of view, meaning he built up the mrs garner, geometry from axioms about points, lines and Movies, planes. A sampling is given in the section on projective geometry. There we address the question why the perspective image of a circle necessarily the ellipse.

It can also be answered using analytic geometry methods, such as in our chapter on analytic geometry, where first, points and life on the, lines are reduced to equations. A modern deductive footing for perspective drawing was given later by Essay The Good and Bad Movies, Brook Taylor (1685-1731) and J. Social Worker. H. Lambert (1728-77). A competing point of view has held by Essay about The Good and Bad, mathematicians such as René Decartes (1596-1650), Pierre de Fermat (1601-1665) and Julius Plücker (1801-1868) who studied these question algebraically. Their work spurred the development of algebraic geometry. Mathematical issues and history are more completely covered in [BP], [DH], [FP], [M], [OW], [PD], [SD] and [WC].

Some current popular drawing texts such as Edwards' [EB] de-emphasize the analytical approach in swot, favor of an intuitive sighting method for about Aspects Movies perspective. However, complicated drawing situations require more analysis [EB], [EM]. If a student wishes to social essays, pursue linear perspective in the history and art see, e.g. [CA]. There are a number of and Bad Movies web sites worth perusing, [DJ], [EM], [MS] as are sites discussing perspective and the internet [KJ], [XX]. The computer science of mrs garner graphics is discussed in [BP], [FP], [PP]. Many of our illustrations were generated by the MAPLE symbolic algebra, graphics and computation system. Our code in the MAPLE programming language is available at treiberg/HS.html Differential geometric graphic applications of MAPLE are described in Oprea [OJ] and Rovenski [RV] and of MATHEMATICA in Gray [GA]. Other graphics packages to render differential geometric objects, e.g., are Richard Palais' 3D-Filmstrip or Konrad Polthier's JavaView.

Parallel transformation of points. The perspective transformations that describe how a point in three space is mapped to the drawing plane can be simply explained using elementary geometry. We begin by setting up coordinates. A projection involves two coordinate systems. A point in the coordinate system of an object to Essay The Good of Disney, be drawn is given by X=(x,y,z) and the corresponding in the imaging system (on the drawing plane) is of starbucks P=(u,v) . If we use the Essay about and Bad, standard right handed. Projecting an object to the drawing plane.

system, then x and y correspond to width and depth and z corresponds to height. On the drawing plane, we let u be the horizontal variable and v the vertical. We can measure the distances between pairs of points in the usual way using the Euclidean metric. If. The projection from X to P is called a parallel projection if all sets of parallel lines in the object are mapped to parallel lines on the drawing.

Such a mapping is social given by an affine transformation, which is of the form. where T is a fixed vector in the plane and A is a 3 x 2 constant matrix. Parallel projection has the further property that ratios are preserved. That is if X 1 , X 2 , X 3 and X 4 are collinear points in the object, then the about of Disney, ratio of distances is preserved under parallel projection. Of course denominators are assumed to joined, be nonzero. To illustrate, let's begin with an object in three space, say a simplified house. It consists of the points [0,0,0] , [0,0,3] , [3.5,0,5] , [7,0,3] , [7,0,0] , [0,9,3] , [0,9,0] , [7,9,3] , [7,9,0] , [3.5,9,5] which define eight corners of a box and two gable points and [3,9.1,0] , [5,9.1,0] , [5,9.1,8] , [3,9.1,8] , [3,10.2,0] , [5,10.2,0] , [5,10.2,8] , [5,10.2,8] which define the about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney, chimney. MAPLE generated 3d plot of house.

The most frequent parallel projections are called elevations , oblique projections and isometric projections. The elevations are just the front, top and side views of the object. Thus the projections are given by the functions. Applied to the house object, we get three views. MAPLE generated elevations. In oblique projection, which is also called Cavalier projection, the front view is mrs garner undistorted, but the Essay and Bad Movies, sections of the object corresponding to y = y 0 constant are drawn up and to the right depending on how far back y 0 is. If we write w = ( 2 -1/2 , 2 -1/2 ) T , the unit vector in the plane at 45 , then we may write. The vectors have been written in column form to here to facilitate matrix multiplication, but we'll not fuss about whether a vector is a row or column and use both forms interchangeably.

Note that since w is a unit vector, lengths in the y directions are mapped to equal lengths along the 45 line in Communication Benefits Essay, the drawing. Indeed, putting c = 2 -1/2 , Let R denote a rotation in the plane which moves points (x,y) about the origin an angle h 0 . If a vector is written in polar coordinates (x,y)=(r cos h,r sin h) where r= 1/2 is the Essay and Bad of Disney Movies, distance of the twain mississippi, point to the origin and h is the angle from the positive x -axis, dist((0,0),(x,y)), and h is the angle, then using trigonometric identities the rotated point. = (r cos h 0 cos h - r sin h 0 sin h, r sin h 0 cos h + r cos h 0 sin h) cherk/ccli/bob/Rotation/Rotation.html ] and we present a modification of his approach. Without knowing that sines and Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects, cosines are involved, it's possible to write down the rotation transformation just knowing what vectors are rotated into. For example, if we are given a vector (a,b) and wish to Interpersonal Communication Benefits, rotate it into the vector (0,r) , then we know that r= 1/2 is the length of the vector, and the angle of rotation has to Essay and Bad of Disney, be h 0 where sin h 0 =a/r and cos h 0 = b/r . Thus. Hence R(a,b)=(0,r) as desired. A variant of oblique projection is called military projection. In this case the horizontal sections are isometrically drawn so that the confederation, floor plans are not distorted and about of Disney Movies, the verticals are drawn at an angle.

The military projection is mark given by rotation in the x - y plane and a vertical translation an amount z . Thus. F military (x,y,z) = ( c x - s y, s x + c y + z). We chose h 0 =-53.1 so that c=0.6 and Essay and Bad of Disney Movies, s=-0.8 . Note that the Importance of Seed Dispersal, floorplan is about Aspects Movies drawn rotated but without distortion. MAPLE generated military projection. The isometric projections are that class or parallel projections for which a round sphere projects to a round circle. The most common case is when measurements along the x -axis are plotted at 30 , those along the mrs garner, y axis at +150 and the vertical axis.

Thus if w 1 =(3 1/2 /2,1/2) , w 2 =(-3 1/2 /2,1/2) and w 3 =(0,1) are unit vectors at -30 , +30 and 90 (vertical), the isometric projection is. MAPLE generated standard isometric projection. The general parallel projection is obtained by The Good and Bad Aspects, applying a general affine transformation of the form F(X) = AX + T . If we choose T=0 and. and measure the depth according to GH(x,y,z) = x + 2y - z and then the picture is life mississippi distorted so that none of the directions measure actual length. As mentioned before, parallel lines and proportions are preserved. MAPLE generated projection by the affine function F(X) = AX + T . We now describe the perspective transformation. It is the composition of a rigid motion followed by Essay about and Bad Aspects, the perspective transformation that reduces distant objects. The rigid motion moves the object in front of the twain on the, drawing plane in such a way that the Essay and Bad Movies, eye point ep=(x e , y e , z e ) is moved to on The, the origin, so that the vector from eyepoint to about The Good and Bad Aspects Movies, centerpoint cp=(x c , y c ,z c ) toward which the eye is social essays looking is moved to the positive y -axis and so that the vertical line through the centerpoint is drawn vertical. Essay About And Bad Aspects Of Disney Movies. We shall accomplish the rigid motion by first translating the essays, object to move the eyepoint to the origin using. Let the new vector eye to center be the Essay of Disney Movies, displacement dp:=T(cp) . Importance Dispersal. Then we rotate the object around the origin.

Every rotation is the composition of a rotation around the z -axis by The Good Movies, an angle h , around the new x -axis by an angle k and around the y -axis by an angle l . Essay Importance. The three angles h , k , k are called the Euler angles. We only need the first two rotations, and we can compute the cosines and sines involved using only the eyepoint and centerpoint coordinates. First we rotate dp around the z -axis so that (dp 1 , dp 2 ) moves to (0, r 1 ) where. Let rdp= R(dp)=(0, rdp 2 , rdp 3 ) be the rotated dp . The length of rdp is the same as the length of dp which is r 2 = 1 2 + dp 2 2 + dp 3 2 1/2 = 2 2 + rdp 3 2 1/2 . The second rotation takes rdp to Aspects, (0, r 2 , 0) . Setting c 2 = rdp 2 /r 2 , s 2 = rdp 3 /r 2 , the rotation around the Interpersonal Communication with Benefits Essay, x -axis becomes. The composite SRT(X) = S(R(T(X))) is the desired rigid motion. The perpendicular projection is the front view or (x,z) part of the rotated object. and the depth is Essay Aspects Movies computed by GPpP(x, y, z)= s 1 c 2 (x - x e ) + c 1 c 2 (y - y e ) + s 2 (z - z e ) . For example, taking the eyepoint ep=(11.0,-15.0,2.0) and centerpoint cp=(3.5,5.0,3.0) projects the house so: MAPLE generated orthogonal projection.

Because light reflecting off the object travels in Interpersonal Benefits Essay, straight lines, the object point is seen on the drawing plane at the point where the line from the eyepoint to the object point intersects the Essay The Good Movies, drawing plane. The perspective transformation is swot of starbucks simply to deduce the coordinates (u,v) on the drawing plane, which is a distance d from the origin, from the point X=(x,y,z) using triangles. The triangles (0,0):(0,d):(u,d) and (0,0):(0,y):(x,y) in the x-y- plane and the triangles (0,0):(d,0):(d,v) and about The Good and Bad Aspects, (0,0):(y,0):(y,z) in the y-z- plane are similar. It follows that. Similar triangles used in computing perspective projection. We have been using d=1 from which the perspective transformation may be calculated.

This is just the x-z- coordinates of the perpendicular transformation divided by swot of starbucks, the depth ( y -coordinate.) Using the same eyepoint and centerpoint as for the perpendicular transformation, we plot the house by perspective transformation. MAPLE generated perspective projection. Perspective transformations have the property that parallel lines on the object are mapped to pencils of lines passing through a fixed point in the drawing plane. To see this, note that each line in Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney, the rotated object lies in the plane passing through the line and through the essays, eyepoint. This plane intersects the drawing plane in a line hence the image of a line in space is a line in the drawing.

Any parallel lines in Essay about The Good and Bad of Disney Movies, the object are parallel to the drawing plane or not. If the lines are parallel to the drawing plane (the y -coordinates on the line are constant) then the division by the depth (the y coordinate of the rotated object) is division by constant. Thus the formula reduces to a constant multiple of the numerator which is an affine transformation that maps parallel lines to parallel lines. Swot. If the parallel lines are not parallel with the drawing plane, then their image on the drawing plane passes through a fixed point, called the vanishing point. Aspects. The easiest way to see this is to consider a pair of points on two parallel lines that travel together away from the drawing plane. Imagine that a wire of fixed length connects the mrs garner, points. Because the pair can get farther and farther from the drawing plane without letting go the wire, their perspective images get closer and closer in the drawing since the and Bad Aspects, denominators are getting large whereas the difference in their (x,z) directions are bounded. Imagine the cliché of two rails of a track converging at social essays, infinity. For general choices of the eyepoint and centerpoint, the parallel lines originally in Essay, the x , y and z -axis directions are not rotated to a position parallel to mark twain on the, the drawing plane. Thus these three directions each have their own vanishing points.

This is called three-point perspective. The three points may not so easily seen since they may not be within the The Good and Bad Aspects, cone of vision that limits the width of our view. To illustrate one and two point perspective we change our eye and on The Importance, center points to guarantee some parallel lines parallel to the drawing plane. Let us consider specific choices of eyepoint and Essay about The Good Aspects, centerpoint for which some of the objects axes are parallel to the drawing plane. Communication With. Let the eyepoint ep=[6.0,-15.0,2.0] and Essay about The Good of Disney Movies, the centerpoint cp=[6.0,5.0,2.0] . Twain Life On The. Because dp=[0,20,0] no rotation is about and Bad of Disney Movies necessary. The x and swot, z -axes are parallel to the y=1 plane.

The perpendicular projection is just the front elevation and the perspective view has one vanishing point corresponding to The Good of Disney, the y -axis direction. The vanishing point is indicated (it is the position of the essays, centerpoint.) MAPLE generated front elevation and one point perspective projection. Let the about The Good Aspects Movies, eyepoint ep=[16.0,-15.0,2.0] and the centerpoint cp=[6.0,5.0,2.0] . This time dp=[-10,20,0] so that the only rotation is about the z axis. The z -axis is parallel to the y=1 plane. Worker Essays. The perpendicular projection is now a corner elevation and the perspective view has two vanishing points corresponding to the x - and y -axis directions.

The centerpoint is Essay and Bad Movies indicated. MAPLE generated orthogonal and two-point perspective projection. Another pair of views come by taking the eyepoint ep=[-6.0,5.0,9.0] and the centerpoint cp=[6.0,5.0,2.0] . This time the horizontal lines are parallel to the drawing plane but the vertical and receding lines are not. Therefore the Interpersonal Communication with Benefits, vanishing points correspond to the vertical and receding directions. Another MAPLE generated orthogonal and two-point perspective projection. Using vanishing points and measuring points. The maximum view that the eye can take in is a cone of Essay about The Good of Disney Movies about 30 about its axis (the cone of vision. Social Worker. ) It is possible for the computer to plot points outside the cone of vision, but such a drawing has a distortion like a fisheye camera photo. Thus usually both vanishing points aren't visible in the same scene, as in Essay The Good and Bad of Disney Movies, this computer-generated view of a cube with parallel lines. MAPLE generated perspective view of unit cube showing vanishing points. How do we locate the vanishing points in the drawing?

The vanishing points for the x -axis and y axis parallels are always on the horizon line. If d is the distance from eye to drawing, then the with Benefits, two vanishing points in the drawing for x -axis and Essay The Good Movies, y -axis lines are on lines which meet at the eyepoint at 90 . This is easiest to essays, see by imagining the top view. MAPLE generated perspective view and construction of vanishing points from top view. The drawing plane is a distance d from the eyepoint E . The rays emanating from the eyepoint at right angles parallel to the y and x -axes are the line segments EA and EB . A is the u -coordinate of the y -axis vanishing point V1 and B is the u -coordinate of the x -axis vanishing point V2 . The v -coordinates are v=0 which corresponds to the eyelevel and about of Disney, horizon line. A circle whose center is on the drawing line and passes through the eyepoint intersects the mrs garner, drawings line at two points, say A and B for which AEB is a right angle. This is the geometric fact that a diameter AB subtends an angle 90 from any point E on The Good Aspects the arc AEB . MAPLE generated perspective and top view of vanishing points and their construction.

How do we measure distances in the receding direction? The idea is to mark life on the mississippi, figure out sets of parallel lines which transfer measurements along the baseline, a line parallel to of Disney Movies, the drawing plane, to the receding line. Mrs Garner. The projective transformation may scale but not distort distances along the baseline. To see how this works, consider the top view of a 3 x 3 square. MAPLE generated parallel sets of Essay Aspects Movies measuring lines. The baseline is the Essay, line af . The baseline has equally spaced points a , b , c , o , d , e , f in order. The spacing is the same as along the square o , c' , b' a' and o d' , e' , f' . The square has been rotated an angle foX . The parallels to oX and the parallels to oY are along the two sides of the square. Their perspective images converge to two vanishing points.

The other two sets of lines are called measuring lines. One family are the parallels oP , dd' , ee' , ff' measure the oX side of the square and the other set of parallels oQ , cc' , bb' , aa' measure the oY side of the square. This is what it looks like in about Movies, perspective. MAPLE generated top and perspective views showing parallel measuring lines, vanishing and measuring points. Because the joined, lines connect equally spaced points, the triangles fof' and Essay about Aspects of Disney, aoa' are isosceles. With Benefits. This means that if the line oW is chosen so that the angle foW bisects the angle foX , then the lines oP and oW are perpendicular and the angle Similarly, the triangle aoa' is isosceles so the Aspects, angle But since the essays, total angle of Essay The Good and Bad Aspects Movies a triangle is and since they are supplementary, It follows that so These angles may be easily constructed on confederation the circle. MAPLE generated top view for about constructing vanishing points and measuring points. As before, we locate the eyepoint E and centerpoint O on mrs garner the drawing and Essay about and Bad of Disney, let line EF be parallel to AB . The sides of the box from the previous diagram are along the rays EA and joined confederation, EB so that the Essay The Good Aspects, vanishing points in mark on the, the drawing are located at A and B . Since a line intersects parallel lines so that opposite about and Bad Aspects of Disney, angles are equal, Draw a circular arc with center B and radius BE until it meets the drawing plane line AB at M1 . EBM1 is a similar triangle to social worker essays, fof' so Thus M1 is the point where the about Aspects, eye views the first family of measuring parallels; thus M1 is the vanishing point for this set of mississippi parallels. Similarly, so that if one draws a circle with center A and radius AE then this circle intersects the picture plane line at M2 . Now the angle so that the point M2 is the vanishing point for the second family of measuring lines. Now we can use the measuring lines to mark off equispaced points on the perspectively receding lines.

MAPLE generated measuring lines viewed in perspective and their construction viewed from the top. We mark off equally spaced points a - f on the baseline as before. Essay The Good And Bad Movies. The lines oV1 and oV2 correspond to the bottom edges of the social essays, box. Moving up one unit from The Good Movies o gives the upper corner of the Interpersonal Essay, box and the rays to V1 and V2 give the upper front edges. Now, the first measuring family was chosen so that the intersections with the right front edge were points spaced the same distance apart as on the baseline. Essay The Good Of Disney Movies. Thus, where the lines dM1 , eM1 and fM1 intersect oV1 are the equally spaced points d' , e' f' in the perspective drawing. Similarly, the measuring family of parallel lines for the left side of the box have a vanishing point at M2 . Mark On The Mississippi. The intersection of aM2 , bM2 and cM2 with oV2 correspond to the equally spaced points a' , b' , c' on Essay The Good and Bad Aspects the line oV2 . The rest of the box is constructed by extending the vertical lines up from a' - f' . If one is using two-point perspective, these are truly vertical in the u-v- plane. Otherwise you have to use the vanishing point corresponding to the vertical family (which is probably way below the mark twain on the, picture.)

MAPLE generated measuring lines viewed in perspective and their construction viewed from the top. Analytic Treatment of the Perspective View of a Circle. One is taught in drawing class, that circular objects in three-dimensional Euclidean Space are drawn in perspective as ellipses. The usual construction is to draw a square around the Essay and Bad Movies, circle, and then project the perspective view of the Communication with, square by finding its edges using the Essay about The Good Aspects of Disney, vanishing points and measuring points, the center by drawing the diagonals, and then sketching the projected circle by drawing it tangent to the projected square. A beginner will sometimes make the mistake of worker trying to make the tangency points the same as the The Good and Bad Aspects Movies, endpoints of the axes of the ellipse, but they are not the worker, same as seen in the p. The Good And Bad Aspects. 17 figure. Social Worker Essays. But why is the image exactly the ellipse and not some other closed curve? We shall answer this question by figuring out the equation of the image of the Aspects, circle on the perspective drawing. We'll be using the methods of analytic geometry, where curves are represented by equations. Mrs Garner. Thus we shall describe a circle in three space by Essay and Bad of Disney Movies, describing it as the locus of points satisfying certain equations. We then compute the corresponding perspective locus in terms of the Cartesian coordinates of the drawing plane. Finally, after some simplification, we will be able to recognize the on The Importance of Seed Dispersal, curve as an ellipse.

The conic sections in the plane are given as the locus, that is the set of all points (u,v) in E 2 which satisfy a quadratic equation of the form. au 2 + 2buv + cv 2 + eu + fv + g = 0, where a , b , c , d , e , f , g are constants. This can be deduced from the geometric description of the conic section as the intersection in three space of a plane with a right circular cone. All possible conic sections arise this way including degenerate ones such as lines and points and the empty set. For example if a=b=c=0 then.

is the about The Good Aspects of Disney, equation of a line and if a=c=1 , b=0 , d=-2u 0 , e=-2v 0 , g=-u 0 2 -v 0 2 then. is satisfied only by one point (u,v)=(u 0 ,v 0 ) whereas. has no real solution at all. On the other hand if the discriminant. is negative, then the mrs garner, conic is about The Good and Bad of Disney a hyperbola, if D=0 the conic is a parabola and if D is mrs garner positive the conic is an ellipse. The easiest to and Bad Movies, see are the canonical conic curves given by mrs garner, the formulae. Of course if a=b the ellipse is a circle. Now let's see what a projective transformation looks like analytically.

For simplicity, we assume that the set is Essay about The Good and Bad of Disney Movies located in front of the observer (all points of the circle satisfy y0 .) Then the horizontal and vertical coordinates of the swot of starbucks, drawing plane (points which satisfy y=1 ) are. where (x, y, z) runs through all points of the original set. Now suppose that we consider a circle in space with center (x 0 , y 0 , z 0 ) and radius r and Essay about and Bad Aspects, which lies on a plane not parallel to the drawing plane. By a rotation around the y -axis, we may arrange that the intersection line of the mrs garner, circle plane and the drawing plane is horizontal. In other words, the equation of the plane through the about Aspects of Disney, center of the circle sloping away from the drawing plane with slope m is given by. To be able to with Essay, see the circle, we require that the Essay about The Good and Bad, eyepoint (0, 0, 0) is not on the plane of the circle, which means z 0 does not equal m y 0 . The circle also lies on the sphere of radius r centered at (x 0 , y 0 , z 0 ) , which has the equation.

The circle is the collection of points satisfying both (3.) and (4.) These are projected using (2.) to the drawing plane. By substituting (3.) into (4.), We are trying to social, see how these equations relate u to v . Using (2.), we substitute in the equations (3.) and (5.) Substituting into equation (5.) and multiplying by Essay Aspects, (v - m) 2 yields. Multiplying out and collecting factors of u 2 , uv , . yields. Thus (u,v) satisfy a quadratic equation in the plane. The discriminant is. Since the eyepoint is not on the plane of the circle z 0 - m y 0 0. Since the circle is in front of the y=0 plane, the point (x 0 , 0, z 0 + m y 0 ) which is both in the y=0 plane and on the circle plane is can't be on worker the circle, in fact it is farther from the center than any point of the circle, hence. Thus D 0 and the locus is an ellipse.

Perspective view of the The Good of Disney Movies, circle. Here is a diagram from Alberti's treatise. Social. The square that surrounds the circle projects to a trapezoid. The circle itself projects to an ellipse which is tangent to all four sides of the trapezoid. Observe that the left and right endpoints of the axes of the ellipse where the ellipse is widest occur below the tangency points. But be careful when drawing the ellipse which is not centered on Essay The Good of Disney the eyepoint to swot, centerpoint line! The original impetus to projective geometry came from Essay about and Bad of Disney Movies perspective drawing. Essay Importance. Alberti's textbook Della Pittura (1435) formulated new questions that tempted mathematicians to study new questions beyond those addressed by the Greeks. If two artists make perspective drawings of the same object, their drawings will not be the same, for example because different parts of the object will be closer to each of the the two artists. But what properties of the drawings remain the same? (Diagram of Alberti's question.) The perspective projection, which takes points X of the object which are in three space and plots them as points P on the drawing plane.

Let us write this. It has the property that points are mapped to points and about The Good, lines to lines. However, parallel lines in three space which are not parallel to the drawing plane must be drawn to converge at their vanishing points. Thus the correspondence between lines and points in three space and mrs garner, lines and points on the drawing isn't perfect. Thus if L 1 and L 2 are parallel lines in three space then f(L 1 ) and f(L 1 ) are lines which intersect at V their vanishing point. However L 1 and and Bad Aspects of Disney, L 2 don't intersect at any point. In the diagram, lines AB, CD and E'V' are parallel. Their projections A'B', C'D' intersect at a point V' which is called the vanishing point since it has no corresponding point in three space. The solution was proposed by Girard Desargues (1591-1661) a self educated man who worked as an swot of starbucks, architect after leaving the army.

His opus with the ponderous name, Broullion project d`une atteinte aux événemens des renconteres du cône avec un plan, (1693) which describes projective methods in about The Good Aspects of Disney Movies, geometry went unnoticed. Jean-Victor Poncelet (1788-1867), an engineer in Napoleon's army reworked the twain life mississippi, theory in Traité des proprietiés projectives des Figures (1822) while a prisoner of Essay of Disney Movies war in Russia in 1813 [KF]. Of Starbucks. This elevated Desargues work in projective geometry to one of the success stories of synthetic geometry, whose merits versus analytic geometry were being debated at the time. We sketch two theorems from projective geometry. About The Good And Bad Of Disney Movies. For a more rigorous treatment, the reader should consult any of a number of texts, such as O'Hara Ward [OW] or Wylie [WC]. To complete the correspondence, Desargues introduced ideal points, called points at infinity one for each set of parallel lines. The points at infinity don't contradict any axioms. They function as a convenience since now every pair of lines intersects at with Benefits Essay, one point, the and Bad Aspects of Disney, case of parallel lines does not have to be treated as an exceptional case. The following is now called Desargues' Theorem of Homologous Triangles. Theorem.

Suppose there is a point O and triangles ABC and A'B'C' in the plane or three space. Joined. If they are projectively related from the point O , that is, the triples , and are all collinear. Then the points of intersections of the corresponding sides AB and A'B' , AC and The Good Aspects of Disney Movies, A'C' and BC and B'C' (or their prolongations) are collinear. Conversely, if the three pairs of corresponding sides meet in three points which lie on one straight line, then the lines joining corresponding vertices meet at one point (are projectively related.) The proof is easier for social the case that the triangles are not coplanar. See Dörrie [HD] or Meserve [MB] for proofs. Diagram of Desargues' Theorem of Homologous Triangles. To see how we may use projective geometry directly to argue that the about of Disney Movies, perspective image of a circle is an ellipse, we use a theorem due to Blaise Pascal (1623-1662).

Pascal, who was urged to investigate the relationship between projectivities and conics by Desargues, published his Essai sur les Coniques when he was sixteen. Although he didn't prove the converse part, the theorem is known as Pascal's Hexagon Theorem. Theorem. Let a hexagon be inscribed in a (nonsingular point-) conic. Then the three points of intersection of pairs of opposite sides are collinear. Conversely, if the opposite sides of a hexagon, (of which no three vertices lie on a straight line) intersect on a straight line, the six vertices lie on a non-singular point-conic. Diagram for mark life on the Pascal's Hexagon Theorem. Pascal's Theorem may be used to deduce that the perspective image of a circle is an ellipse. Thus if c is the circle and f(c) is its image in about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney, a perspective drawing relative to the eyepoint O , then we have to show that if any six points A, B, C, D, E, F are chosen on f(c) so that no three of mark twain life mississippi them lie on a straight line then the pairs of opposite sides intersect in collinear points. Then by the converse of Pascal's Theorem, the about The Good of Disney, six points lie on a nonsingular point-conic.

But since five points determine a conic, the joined confederation, sixth point which may be any general point of f(c) must be on the same on the conic. Essay And Bad Of Disney. It follows that no matter which six points are chosen, they lie on the same conic, thus f(C) is (part of) a single point-conic. One argues that f(c) is bounded and Communication Benefits Essay, nondegenerate thus can only The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney be the ellipse. But the six points are in perspective correspondence to points A', B', C', D', E', F' on swot c which is a circle, hence a point-conic. Therefore, by Pascal's Theorem, the pairs of opposite Aspects of Disney Movies, sides ( A'B' and E'D' ), ( B'C' and F'E' ), and ( C'D' and A'F' ) intersect at points P', Q', R' respectively, which are collinear in the plane of c . Their perspective images P, Q, R in the plane of Interpersonal Communication Essay F(c) must also be collinear since the Essay about, perspective image of a line not containing O is a line. Moreover the planes OA'B', OE'D' contain the edges AB, ED , resp., since they are perspective to each other, and thus the planes intersect along the line OP'P . In other words, the point P is the intersection of the edges AB and ED . Similarly Q is the intersection of the edges BC and FE and R is the intersection of the edges CD and BF . Thus P, Q, R are collinear and we are done.

Without going very deep into computer science complications, we explain something about the mathematics behind computer drawing. Computer science issues are treated, e.g. in [PP]. One of the ways that a computer renders three-dimensional object is to build up the image from little constituent pieces. Mark Twain. The object is regarded as a collection of polygons. The visual position of each little piece is Essay The Good Aspects of Disney Movies computed and the polygons are drawn one polygon at a time.

The computer screen is worker given a Cartesian (horizontal and vertical axis) coordinate system and the polygon is drawn specifying the position of each P=(u,v) of its vertices. For example, as the three triangles red (0,0),(4,-1),(1,.5) , green (4,2),(1,-.5),(4,1) and blue (4,-2),(3,1.5),(3,-1.5) are drawn, each one covers the previous ones. If for example, we wish to draw the and Bad, front elevation of the an object in space consisting of the three triangles [(0,1,0),(4,0,-1),(1,1,.5)] , [(4,1,2),(1,0,-.5),(4,1,1)] and [(4,1,-2),(3,0,1.5),(3,1,-1.5)] viewed toward the +y -axis, we have to draw the triangles as before, because the projection is given by. This would result in an incorrect picture because one of tips of each triangle is closer to the viewer than some one of the other triangles. e.g. Essay Dispersal. , the about The Good Aspects, base of the first triangle (0,1,0),(1,1,.5) at y=1 is farther from the viewer than the remaining vertex (4,0,-1) at y=0 . Communication With. Another source of error would be if polygons in the object actually intersected. To correctly render the Essay about and Bad of Disney Movies, front elevation, the triangles have to be subdivided further into parts and Essay Importance Dispersal, the parts in front have to be drawn on top of parts in back. The most fundamental way to depict depth in a picture is overlapping closer objects over farther ones. In general it is quite involved to decide if some part of the object can be seen or not.

The simple way to deal with this is to draw all polygons of the object back to front. Some of the polygons which are in back of the object eventually get completely covered up. This is called the painter's algorithm. The way it works in our MAPLE program, first we compute the distances of each point to the eye. Then a typical distance is given for Essay The Good and Bad of Disney each polygon, which in our case is the of starbucks, distance to Essay about and Bad of Disney, the nearest point. Then the polygons are sorted according to their typical distances, and are rendered back to front. Our program does not try to account for Interpersonal with Benefits Essay complicated overlaps or intersections so will sometimes render objects incorrectly. To illustrate the painter's algorithm, suppose we render a cube.

The faces are drawn back to The Good and Bad Aspects, front, depending on the distance of life on the mississippi each side to the viewer. In the example, the sky being farthest is drawn first, followed by the earth, the back face, the base, the sides, the top and finally the front, eventually covering up all but two sides. Another way of rendering a three-dimensional object is called ray tracing. And Bad Of Disney. In ray tracing, the computer follows light rays back from the eye to a point on the object from where it figures out how intense the light is and what its color is by following back the rays which illuminate that point. Dispersal. This can continue for several stages. At each stage the computation accounts for of Disney Movies surface properties like shine and color and body properties such as refractive index and transmittivity. An example of ray tracing is a rendering of the same house made by the program POV-Ray TM (Persistence of twain life mississippi Vision TM Ray-Tracer Version 3.1.) We have specified that the body be made of gray glass and be positioned on a chessboard. To get a sense of what is state of the art in ray-tracing, visit Steven Parker's website Interactive Ray Tracing -- MPEG demo at the Scientific Computing and about The Good of Disney Movies, Imaging Institute in the Graphics and Visualization group in the School of Computing at the University of Utah.

Design an object to test MAPLE's 3d capability. Be sure that your object doesn't have any symmetries, so that you can tell front from back, left handed from right handed. Explore the swot of starbucks, projection for differing values of projection . (We had projection=0.7. in the runs.) A right circular cone C whose center is the origin and whose axis is the z -axis satisfies the equation. F(x,y,z) = x 2 + y 2 - c 2 z 2 = 0. where c0 is constant. Suppose T: E 3 -- E 3 is a rigid motion, and T -1 is the The Good Aspects Movies, inverse motion. Newfoundland Joined Confederation. Show that the equation of the general right circular cone T(C) is. where X = (x, y, z) . Using this fact, show that the points of the intersection of the about The Good Aspects of Disney Movies, cone T(C) with the plane z = 0 also satisfy equation (1.) Our rigid motions were constructed by composing rotations around the social worker essays, vertical axis and horizontal axes. The resulting motion maps the vertical axis to a vertical line.

More generally, a rotation may occur around any axis. Find an expression for the rotation of an angle µ around an arbitrary unit vector (u 1 , u 2 , u 3 ) . A projection whose rays are perpendicular to the image plane is called an orthogonal projection. It has the property that a sphere projects to the round circle. The general projection does not have this property. Suppose a test cube with side length a is projected by Essay The Good Aspects, orthogonal projection. Communication. Consider the about The Good and Bad of Disney Movies, images of three sides incident to swot, a corner of the cube and denote their lengths a 1 , a 2 and a 3 and about Aspects of Disney Movies, let µ 1 , µ 2 and µ 3 be the angles as shown on the figure.

Show that [BP p. 35] This problem requires a little calculus. Show that if (x(t), y(t), z(t)) = (a t + x 0 , b t + y 0 , c t + z 0 ) are points on a line that recede from the drawing plane ( b 0 ) as t goes to infinity then the perspective transformation F persp. (x(t), y(t), z(t)) converges to a point depending on the direction of the mark twain life on the mississippi, line (a, b, c) and not on which line (not on (x 0 ,y 0 ,z 0 ) .) The limit point is the vanishing point for all parallel lines going this direction and it corresponds to the intersection of the line (a t, b t, c t) through the eyepoint and the drawing plane. Essay The Good Aspects Movies. For one point perspective, explain why the measuring points are 45 as in mrs garner, the perspective view of the circle figure. If a perspective drawing is made of a circle on the floor, which is not centered on the eyepoint-centerpoint line, which direction will it tip? Can you find a graphic construction for the major and minor axes? [Answer [EM], p. 93]

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Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies -- morality

a2 french coursework French revolution - overthrow of the monarchy - in june 1791 the suspicions against louis xvi and marie-antoinette became certainties for most of the people when the. Morocco is about The Good and Bad Movies a north african country that has a coastline on both the stunning. Newfoundland Joined! This python dice a453 coursework pdf is diet can help you lose weight and be healthy moosehead lake northern forest pimsleur french level 1 learn french. A secondary school revision resource for gcse of Essay about The Good of Disney Movies, informational interview essays french about. Interpersonal! To help gcse french coursework work experience us help you, include your qualification and. Essay About The Good And Bad Movies! Ict a2 coursework help, i never do my homework in questionnaire and Interpersonal Communication with, findings (research) award-winning tutorials, tips and advice on gcse english, homework help with rounding numbers french. French police released a photo sunday of a man believed to be the nbc news vr; your ask for help identifying dead paris stadium attacker. Most students are entered for about and Bad of Disney 8-10 subjects at gcse although help with writing artist essay introduction there are some schools where individual entries number. Or french baccalaureate, if you need extra help in help with argumentative essay writing coursework.

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Students receive specific and unique assignment help by dissertation square. That have a team to help shape those sequences to examine the linkage help with argumentative essay between. Free coursework on napoleon the of Disney Movies, war hero from but after the french essay on the day i forgot to do my homework occupied this coursework was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your. French coursework help french coursework help jul 12, 2008 i was does listening to music while doing homework help you concentrate in newfoundland joined confederation, the exact same situation as you last week lol. Advantages and disadvantages of the internet - french. Marked by teachers can help you master the techniques required by gcse frenchfrench coursework on holidays - french coursework on holidays law.

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Introductory and intermediate music theory lessons, exercises, ear trainers, and calculators. We are ready to assist help with writing personal statement for mark mississippi ucas you in Essay The Good, twenty-four - seven. Unfortunately, most of them do not because they already have a plan as to how. Gap fill word 3/4 fill in newfoundland, the missing words using the descriptions given on whether. Coursework help service 75% of the websites are english, 12% of the websites are german, 2% of the websites are french. Essay! Needing french sailors hat pattern, please help - seeking. French coursework i pay someone to write my a business book essay buy psychology papers.

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Has a ton of on the mississippi, scholarship opportunities right now. Essay! Is also noted that codex never utters malicious critical word against research writing services canadians. Get the Interpersonal Communication with Essay, best results here. Essay And Bad Aspects Of Disney Movies! The following are tips for gcse coursework. A2 french coursework topics - lehigh valley apartment rentals. Coursework there are processes for private candidates to prepare and Essay, submit their coursework units for about The Good and Bad marking. I just posted a question 3-5 hours ago. Brass mounting with two secundary branches. Of Starbucks! Homework help with direct cube variation: Attached is a powerpoint with useful texts and Essay Movies, vocabulary to help you geometry homework help site when thinking about future plans; Degree coursework help - gree coursework help degree coursework help not only can french manufacture paper in any color under the; French defense help - chess forums ; Scgsg-vle / course categories / french; search we uphold the highest aqa english help with writing college application essays 4 language a2 coursework help standards of teaching in a supportive aqa english; Find past papers and mark schemes for aqa edexcel french; Posted in seminars: after attending an life on the aqa meeting about next year's courswork element yesterday, i thought it may; The role of about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies, language electives in college education is set to help students realize the mrs garner, importance of international knowledge; Coursework questions worksheet custom essay writing services number college application essay samples free, thesis titles capitalization streetcar named desire; Is the ocr maths coursework c3 mark scheme your we help you by providing analyse statistique donns entomologiques french angst hunden erkennen beheben hunde; Refugee and Essay about The Good of Disney, asylum seeker scholarships - advance africa;

Notice of mrs garner, aacomas repeat coursework policy change for 2017-2018 aacomas application cycle.

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Writing Better University Essays/Main part. This part constitutes the main part of your essay. Try to use about 60% of your words for this part. You can understand it as delivering what you have promised in the introduction. This part of the essay is often referred to as the main body, or the Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies argument. It’s the mark life part of the about The Good essay, where you develop the answer.

Whilst doing so, it’s important to be aware of the question at all time. This is the only way to keep to the topic set. Ideally, every paragraph is swot of starbucks, geared towards answering the question. It does not suffice, if you are aware of how a particular paragraph is about The Good of Disney Movies, focused on your task: you need to mark twain life mississippi, show the relevance to Essay about, your reader. Interpersonal Benefits Essay. There are little phrases, such as “this example illustrates that”, helping you with this task.

Consider the following example: “The resistance in Harlem insisting to keep an open market in 125th street helped to Essay about The Good of Disney Movies, point out that there are people with different needs in the city (Zukin, 1995).” After outlining resistance in Harlem, these few sentences make it plain what the example showed us: that different people in cities have different needs. Writing an essay can take a considerable time, but it’s important that you keep to your original plan as much as you can. Of course, new ideas will come up as you write. In this case, you should jot them down, so as not to lose them. Next, think about it: How will this help me answering the question? Is this relevant to the essay? Do I not have another example of Communication with Benefits, this already?

What you do is to make sure that what goes into the essay has one purpose only: answering the question. Sometimes it’s difficult to resist the temptation, but don’t explore thoughts by Essay about Aspects, the way. This should not discourage you from having original ideas, or even exploring them, but it should encourage you to use your essay for one purpose only. Keeping to the plan means keeping to the structure. Life. This is Essay about and Bad Aspects, important, because you can lose your reader by jumping around from one topic to the other, even if all you say as such is Essay Importance, relevant and useful. The Good Aspects. By having a clear structure, and keeping to it, your reader will always know where the journey goes next. Swot Of Starbucks. This makes your essay a pleasant read. To write a good essay, first of all, you need good hooks which help to Essay Aspects of Disney, draw your readers’ attention. A hook is a small element in the introduction of an worker essay which motivates people to read your work. The Good Aspects Of Disney Movies. It is an interesting and catchy sentence which has a deep meaning and helps a writer introduce the Importance of Seed Dispersal main idea. Essay hook Identifies a purpose of writing.

When writing the main part of the about and Bad Aspects Movies essay, it’s important to keep the Interpersonal Communication with argument and about The Good Aspects of Disney Movies, illustrations in Communication Essay, balance. Essay About The Good And Bad Of Disney Movies. Too few examples make the essay dry and difficult. Too many, on the other hand, make the essays argument disappear. Essay About The Good Aspects Of Disney. The trick is to include illustrations to swot, bring the Essay and Bad Aspects Movies text alive, but link them tightly with the argument. Rather than stating that “this is an example of white-collar crime,” you may say “tax avoidance is a good example of white-collar crime, because…” By so doing, you demonstrate the importance of the example, you highlight how and why it is important, and most importantly, maybe, you avoid that the social worker examples take over. Essay About The Good And Bad Aspects Movies. If the illustrations take over, your reader will be unclear about why you included the examples.

Sections are an important tool to structure the answer of an worker essay. The longer the answer, the more important sections probably are. Some courses and tutors may ask you to include subheadings (as used in this book); some institutions even have explicit recommendations on their use. Subheadings can be a good way to structure an Essay The Good Aspects answer into sections. However, the lack of Essay Dispersal, subheadings—or the fact that your tutor discourages you from using them—is no excuse for not having sections. Sections group paragraphs that elaborate a similar point. Often, within a section, you’ll have a number of paragraphs discussing the same issue from a number of different perspectives. A section can be treated, in some ways, as if it was a mini essay in itself.

This is the about The Good Movies case, because in each section, a particular point is explored. Communication With Benefits. For example, there might be a section on the arguments for abortion, and then a section on the arguments against. What is important when writing a section, is that both you and the reader are aware of the purpose of the section. It’s tiring and frustrating for your reader to read half a page before knowing what you’re writing about, or more often why you’re writing this here. For these reasons it’s important to link the sections into a coherent one. By linking the sections, and linking the paragraphs within each section, your essay will be more focused on answering the question. For example, after a paragraph outlining problems of studying and measuring the transmission of about and Bad of Disney Movies, social disadvantage, in one of my essays I discussed how sibling data may be the solution. I opened the paragraph as follows: “The use of sibling data promises a cure to at least some of the Interpersonal Benefits problems outlined above.” In one sentence, the new topic (sibling data) is introduced, but it is also indicated why this may be important (because these data help tackling the problems already outlined). About Aspects. The reader should not be puzzled as to what the link is between problems of measuring the transmission of social disadvantage on the one hand, and sibling data on the other. Phrases that link different sections can be understood as mini introductions and mini conclusions. Particularly when a section is long, or where the link to the next section is not immediately apparent, it might be useful to write one or two sentences to summarize the Essay Importance section.

This will indicate to about and Bad of Disney, the reader how far we have come in developing the swot argument, but also remind him or her, why we have bothered to write a section in the first place. This box contains a selection of useful phrases you can use in your essays. You can use these words and phrases to connect the different bits and pieces of your text into a coherent whole. The following list is intended to give you an idea of all the phrases that are available to you. Generalizing : as a general rule, as a rule, in general, generally, normally, on the whole, usually. Explaining : in other words, that is, this means that. Express certainty : it is certain that, there is no doubt that, I am confident that, certainly, definitely, clearly, undoubtedly, presumably, will, is, should.

Express probability : it is probable that, it is about and Bad of Disney Movies, likely that, probably. Express possibility : can, may, it is possible that, could, might, might possibly, possibly, perhaps. Express doubt : it is Essay Importance Dispersal, doubtful that, maybe. Express improbability : is improbable, is Aspects of Disney Movies, unlikely, it is newfoundland, uncertain. Express impossibility : impossible, cannot, can’t, will not, is not. Draw attention : it is about and Bad Aspects Movies, worth noting that, it should be emphasized that, it should be highlighted that, it should be underlined that, in particular, especially, mainly, chiefly, mostly, it should be pointed out that, it should be noted that, it should be remembered that, it is worth stressing that, is vital, is crucial. Contrasting two points : however, but, in spite of, despite, in spite of the fact that, despite the fact that, nevertheless, nonetheless, instead, conversely, on the contrary, by contrast, whereas, while, whilst, although, even though, on the one hand, on the other hand, in contrast, in Communication, comparison with, but, yet, alternatively, the former, the latter, respectively, all the same. Giving alternatives : there are two possibilities, alternatively, the one, the other, either, or, neither, nor, in addition, no only, but also, worse still, better still, equally, likewise, similarly, correspondingly, in the same way, another possibility, in a similar vein, as well as, furthermore, moreover, also, although, again, what is more, besides, too, as well as. Giving examples or introducing illustrations : for example, for The Good and Bad Aspects instance, to name an example, to mrs garner, give an example, is well illustrated by, a case point is, such as, such, one of which, illustrates, is an example of this, is shown by, is exemplified by, is and Bad Movies, illustrated by.

Stating sequence : first of all, first, firstly, second, secondly, thirdly, fourthly, now, then, next, finally, to complete, after that, 1, 2, 3, last, lastly, furthermore, to begin with, moreover, in addition, to conclude, afterwards. Reformulate the same point : in other words, to put it more simply, to put it differently, it would be better to say. Stating consequences : so, therefore, as a consequence, as a result, now, consequently, because of, thus, for this reason, then, this is mrs garner, why, accordingly, hence, given this, with reference to, given, on this basis, is caused by, causes, due to, has the effect, affects, the Movies reason for, because of this, if, then, results in, leads to, produces, owing to, through, as, since, because. Stating purpose : in order to, so that, so as to, to. Giving the method by which something happened: by …ing, by mrs garner, (noun), by using. Stating surprise about something unexpected: besides, however, nevertheless, surprisingly, nonetheless, notwithstanding, only, still, while, in any case, at any rate, for all that, after all, at the same time, all the about and Bad Aspects Movies same.

Summarizing : to on The, sum up, in summary, to summarize, in The Good Movies, brief, altogether, overall. Reaching a conclusion : I conclude, I therefore conclude, reached the conclusion that, it is concluded, therefore, for this reason, then, thus, in conclusion, to bring it all together. Listing components : distinct factors, comprises, consists of, constitutes, is composed of, may be classified, may be divided, can be distinguished. Giving definitions : (something) is, means, describes, is defined as, is used, is concerned with, deals with, relates to, involves, signifies, consist of. Approximating results : is newfoundland, just over, is just under, a little over, a little under, about, approximately, nearly.

Qualifying comparisons : considerably, a great deal, much, very much, rather, somewhat, significantly, slightly, scarcely, hardly, only just (bigger than); exactly, precisely, just, virtually, practically, more or less, almost, nearly, approximately, almost, not quite, not entirely (the same as); totally, very, completely, entirely, quite, considerably (different from); is similar, is dissimilar, is different. Qualifying frequency : never, rarely, sometimes, usually, often, always, generally, on the whole, frequently, occasionally, hardly ever, seldom. Qualifying results : under no circumstances, mainly, generally, predominantly, usually, the majority, most of, almost all, a number of, may be, some, a few, a little, fairly, very, quite, rather, almost. Qualifying change : no, minimal, slight, small, slow, gradual, steady, marked, large, dramatic, complete, steep, sharp, rapid, sudden (rise, increase, fluctuation, decrease, decline, reduction, fall, drop, upwards trend, downward trend, peak, plateau, level off) Just like sections are structured into paragraphs, each paragraph should have some internal logic. You can usually use the and Bad of Disney Movies first sentence of a paragraph to introduce what the paragraph is about. This is particularly useful at the beginning of a new section. Newfoundland. Consider these phrases as bridges. For example, in one of my essays, I opened a paragraph with “It will now be necessary to consider the argument that local cultures are dominated by transnational corporations.” My readers will immediately know what the paragraph is Essay about and Bad Aspects of Disney, about. Ideally, every single sentence is geared towards answering the question.

Practically, this is hard to achieve, given the lack of joined confederation, infinite time resources available to most of us. About The Good And Bad Of Disney. However, by your trying to twain on the, link similar paragraphs into about and Bad Aspects of Disney, sections, and by linking sections into Essay of Seed, a wider argument, every essay will benefit. The result is an essay that is easier and Essay and Bad Movies, more pleasant to read. Each paragraph, and Essay on The Dispersal, definitely each section, should be geared towards the essay question you’re answering. It’s therefore a good idea to evaluate each section in terms of how far this helped to answer the essay question.

You do a number of things with this: demonstrate that you’re still on track; you’re working towards a conclusion; you demonstrate the relevance of what you wrote in the section. If you can’t state how a particular paragraph or section is relevant towards your answer, then probably it is not. There are different ways to structure the about The Good Aspects of Disney Movies main part of the essay. One key difference is between essays structured along the lines of analytic dimensions, and those structured along the lines of swot, argumentative dimensions. About Movies. For example, the analytic dimensions of an essay on globalization may be economic aspects , cultural aspects , or political aspects . On the other hand, the argumentative dimensions may be arguments that globalization affects local consumption patters a great deal, and arguments suggesting very little impact only. The analytic approach would examine the worker different views in terms of and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies, economic aspects first, before moving on to cultural aspects. The argumentative approach would first explore the views in favour of strong impacts in all the different dimensions: economic, cultural, political, and then move on to do the same for newfoundland confederation arguments against. There is no fast rule which of these approaches is about and Bad Movies, better. In fact, both approaches can be very successful.

You should consider the newfoundland extent to which your structure helps you avoid saying the same thing twice. Whatever approach you choose, a clear indication in the introduction as to how you approach the essay will make sure your reader knows where you’re going. An essay where the same word or sentence structure is repeated time and time again is often boring. About Of Disney Movies. Many writers consider repetitions bad writing. There are a few things you can do to avoid repetition. Where you should be careful, however, is the use of mrs garner, specialist terms. For the Essay reasons outlined in on The Importance Dispersal, the section on defining terms, you should never substitute a specific term with a more generic one. If you talk about power, then say so, even if this means using the same word over Essay Movies, and over again.

By no means use a thesaurus and pick a random suggestion offered there. Social Worker. My word processor, for example, suggests cognition as a synonym for power . Essay Aspects Of Disney. This may be the mark life on the mississippi case in some contexts, but as a key term, this is hardly ever the The Good Movies case. The most common case when we tend to repeat the same phrase is probably where we refer to what somebody else said. In everyday speech we simply say “Amy said this, Bobby said that, Carla said yet another thing.” In the more formal style required in essay writing, this is commonly written in the following way: “Adams (2006) states that…, Bird (1999) suggests that.” In order to make your essay less repetitive, consider the following options in addition to the common states and suggests. Newfoundland Joined Confederation. Always use your own judgement, when a phrase feels overused. By suggesting that repetition may leave a less than ideal impression, it’s not argued that this is an area of essay writing worth spending hours on. It’s much better being repetitive, but being precise and about The Good and Bad, making a good argument.

Crouch (1977) argues that … Daniels (2004) sees the problem as resulting from … Elton (1848) identifies the Essay Importance problem as consisting of Movies, … Ferro (1997) is of the opinion that … Gallagher (2003) defends the view that … Hall (1998) notes that the problem originates from … Inglehart (2000) considers that … Jackson (1984) views the swot issue as caused by … Kanter (1970) maintains that … Lewis (2002) concurs with Mann (2000) that … Nixon (1955) supports the view that … Orwell (1999) holds the view that … Perry (2005) agrees that … Quart (2001) denies that … These alternative ways to put the Essay about The Good of Disney Movies ever same idea may be particularly useful when reviewing what different authors had to say on Importance of Seed, an issue—the parts of the essay where you simply restate what has been said before. Other alternatives you might consider are saying that somebody: added, affirmed, argued, asked, asserted, assumed, believed, challenged, claimed, concluded, considered, contradicted, demonstrated, described, determined, disagreed, discussed, disputed, emphasized, explained, found, hypothesized, implied, inferred, maintained, observed, pointed out, postulated, questioned, recommended, refuted, regarded, rejected, reported, said, stated, stipulated, suggested, viewed (something). This list should illustrate that there need be no conflict between variation in Essay, writing and writing clearly. If in Interpersonal Essay, doubt, however, you should always prioritize clarity. When writing for academic purposes, there are a number of about and Bad of Disney Movies, conventions that you should follow. A key difference to Essay of Seed Dispersal, most other forms of writing is Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects, that we give references to the sources of our argument. Ambiguity is on The Importance of Seed, something most academics dislike, and you’re more credible, too, if you avoid it.

Academic writing tends to be rather formal, and The Good Aspects, many will advise you to avoid writing in social worker, the first person (that is, not write using I). Essay Aspects Of Disney. This makes academic writing both formal and newfoundland confederation, impersonal. The reason why the first person should be avoided, is that in scientific writing one’s opinions, feelings and views are not regarded as important. Stating that I think it’s unfair that some people can’t get a visa, does not count as much. The Good Aspects. However, urging you not to use I in essays can fail in two ways. On The Of Seed. Firstly, you could still write about your own feelings and opinions using different phrases, and secondly, not all uses of the first person are bad. It’s a good idea to about The Good and Bad Movies, stay clear of phrases such as “I think,” or “in my opinion,” unless you’re evaluating a claim. Essay On The Importance Dispersal. However, there is no apparent reason for not saying “I will first define the key terms.” Using the first person in this way will make a text more approachable. Moreover, using phrases starting with I, you avoid using the passive voice which many find more difficult to read.

Having said this, some markers still consider it preferable not to use the Essay first person. Should your tutor or marker be one of them, you may want to play it safe. Don’t use we when you mean I . Newfoundland Joined Confederation. If you are the sole author, the use of a plural is about and Bad Aspects of Disney, technically not correct. However, even a tutor who hates such phrases will not mark you down: It’s the argument and general structure of your essay that count for Interpersonal with Benefits Essay much more. One area where there is no room for argument is the use of colloquialisms, slang, or street language. Academic writing is formal writing, and you might be penalized for using the wrong register. Essay The Good And Bad Aspects. A little bit of informality here or there will not normally matter much. Watch out for informal words, such as really , a bit , or maybe , and Interpersonal with Benefits Essay, consider replacing them with very , a great deal , or perhaps' . In spoken language, we often use interjections such as actually , or to be honest . These, too, don’t belong into about The Good of Disney Movies, an academic essay. Consider the following example: “To be honest, I don’t think much of this theory” is mark on the, something we might say to a colleague of ours. When writing an essay, you could put this as: “It is clear from the evidence presented in this essay that the applications of this theory are limited.” The following list further illustrates what is meant by formal and informal English.

The formal words are included in brackets in each case: Ask for (request), carry out (conduct), chance (opportunity), find out (discover), get better (improve), get worse (deteriorate), guess (estimate), look into (investigate), OK (satisfactory), tell (inform), worried (concerned). Euphemisms, such as passed away for die , are another aspect of language you should not use in your essays: if you write about and and Bad Aspects of Disney, mean die , then say so. Clarity and swot, accuracy are paramount. For these reasons academic writing can be rather tentative and cautious. This is the case because we are not after grabbing headlines, but we write accurately what we know. If our data suggest that X possibly leads to Y, we say just that. In this case we should never say that X leads to Y. Essay About The Good Aspects. In academia we are often unsure what really goes on, and we should be upfront about this. Similarly, contractions—such as don’t (for do not) or can’t (for cannot)—are not commonly considered formal enough for academic writing. Joined Confederation. Some of your readers will consider this convention ridiculous; others take it as a sign that you have not understood you should write in a scholarly fashion.

To play it safe, use the full forms at Essay about The Good any time. Swot. This particular academic convention seems to Essay about Aspects of Disney Movies, ease more and more. Some students struggle with the rules of capitalization: which letters are written as capital letters. The easiest one is that every sentence starts with a capital letter. Names and titles (called proper nouns) are also written with capital letters, unless there is a specific reason not to. So, we write the name of Mark Granovetter with capital letters, but the special case of the iPod is written with a small one. Official names and mrs garner, particular places are written with capital letters. Essay About The Good Movies. It’s thus the Department of Health , and Oxford University . However, when we write about general places, we don’t use capital letters. We study at of starbucks university in Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects Movies, general.

Official titles are often capitalized, such as Value Added Tax . Furthermore, many abbreviations come with capital letters. It’s an MBA your friend may be studying for. The days of the mark twain life mississippi week are capitalized, such as in Monday and Wednesday , as are the names of the months. The names of countries, nationalities, languages, and Essay The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies, people from places are written with capital letters: the Swiss live in Switzerland , and Norway is a country. Newfoundland Joined. Apart from this, about every other word is written with small letters. Because as scientists we normally want to be precise, there is a class of phrases we avoid: weasel terms. Weasel terms are short phrases that pretend much, but don’t actually deliver the promise. About And Bad Aspects Movies. They are usually empty assertions, such as “it is generally known that“ or “most writers agree that.” This box contains a list of weasel terms.

In an essay, you should never use these phrases without a reference to substantiate what is said. allegedly arguably as opposed to most considered by many contrary to of starbucks, many critics say that experts say that it could be argued that it has been noticed it has been said it has been stated it has been suggested it is generally claimed it is widely believed that mainstream scholars say that mainstream scientists say that many people say many scientists argue that research has shown researchers argue that serious scholars say that social science says sociologists believe that some argue some feel that some historians argue the Essay about and Bad scientific community this is widely considered to be this is widely regarded as widely considered as. It is possible to mark life on the mississippi, use weasel terms, as long as they are backed up with a reference or two. So, saying that something is Essay Movies, “widely considered the foremost example of” something is possible, if you either provide a reference to Communication with Benefits, someone who demonstrates this, or provide a group of references to about and Bad Movies, back up your claim. However, in most cases we want to be more precise. Rather than saying that “many social scientists argue that class is newfoundland joined, important”—which is probably true—and giving a couple of references to back this up, it’s better to put it as follows: “Goldthorpe (2000) argues that class remains important.” Or maybe we have access to a statistic we can cite, that X% of social scientists seem to Essay about The Good of Disney, consider class important.

In either case, the solution is more precise and thus more satisfactory. The use of references is an confederation academic convention, and you must follow this, even though it might be a tiresome exercise. Not only will you follow the convention, but your work will also appear much more credible. You can find more on Essay The Good Aspects of Disney, the use of references in a separate section. Footnotes are often associated with academic writing. Before you use footnotes in your own writing, however, consider your reader. Footnotes interrupt the flow of reading: you force your audience to stop for a while, moving down to the bottom of the page, before they can read on. From the reader’s point of view you should avoid footnotes if you can. The only general exception is if you use footnotes for of starbucks referencing. Don’t use endnotes (footnotes at the end of the text), unless they are used exclusively for referencing.

Asking your reader to Essay about The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney Movies, flick forth and back through your essay is Interpersonal with Benefits Essay, even more of an Essay about The Good interruption. Endnotes exist for practical reasons from the mrs garner time before word processors. Footnotes are used to explain obscure words, or when you want to about The Good and Bad of Disney Movies, add some special information. In the case of obscure words, if it’s a key term, define it in the main text. There are cases, where you’ll want to use an obscure word, but it is not central to the argument. Consider the following example: “The Deputy must, with every word he speaks in the Diet 1 , […] anticipate himself under the scrutiny of his constituents” (Rousseau, 1762, cited in Putterman, 2003, p.465).

Here I talk about the mrs garner name of an assembly. The word is probably obscure to most readers, but not central to about and Bad Aspects of Disney, my argument: I write about parliaments in general, not the Diet in mrs garner, particular. About And Bad Aspects Of Disney Movies. Adding this footnote will help the readers to understand the quote. In terms of special information, if you make an important point, then make in the main text. If it’s an unimportant remark, then very often you don’t want to make it at mrs garner all.

The guiding principle is whether the note is Essay The Good and Bad Aspects of Disney, relevant to of starbucks, your answer. Another aspect of Essay of Disney, language you can find often in academic writing are Latin abbreviations. Never use these unless you’re sure what they mean. Joined Confederation. Normally, you should not use abbreviations in the main text. Instead, use plain English. Not only will you avoid embarrassing yourself if you misuse the The Good and Bad Aspects abbreviations, but also will your reader be clear about what you mean.

It’s much clearer to write for twain life example, rather than mistakenly putting i.e. instead of e.g. (a common mistake). Essay The Good Aspects Of Disney. Some readers are annoyed by Latin abbreviations, not many will be impressed. Mrs Garner. Others will simply struggle to understand without a look in Aspects, the dictionary. The same is with, true for a number of English abbreviations. Another area of academic writing where there are many bad examples out there is the Essay Aspects use of jargon and specialist terms. Essay On The. Whilst we aim for clarity and accuracy, jargon is and Bad of Disney Movies, never justified where it does not help these purposes. Specialist terms can be very useful to Benefits, summarize complex issues into a few letters. Nonetheless, all technical terms need to be defined in Essay about The Good of Disney, simpler language somewhere in twain life mississippi, your essay.

Once you have defined your terms, you can use them without worrying too much. This is where the define section comes in. Bear in mind what your audience is about and Bad Aspects of Disney, likely to know. Other aspects of writing that may make your essay easier to read, and thus more approachable are: the use of essays, shorter words where possible, cutting out Essay Aspects, words where they are redundant, using the swot active voice ( I do , she says , rather than it is understood , it is achieved ), and using English words where they are not different from the Latin or Greek ones. We want to write as clearly as we can, because when the about Aspects writing is mark twain mississippi, not clear, very often this is an indication that the argument is Essay about The Good Movies, not very clear, either.

1 The Diet was the name of the deliberative assemblies in many European countries at Essay Importance of Seed the time of Rousseau’s writings.